Turkish Humor about Gezi Park protests

7 Jun

I will show you some very funny and pointed caricatures about the Gezi Park protests in Istanbul. Turkish humor is fantastic 🙂

Foto (2)A respond to Prime Minister Erdogan’s statement on social networks like Twitter and that they are a pain in the neck.


Prime Minister, for once its not going like you want …The things we say were not realized for years.. Be easy


lalalala you are terrorists! lalala chappouller lalala!

Foto (3)

Year: 2023
Daddy, why did you gave me the name TOMA (riot control vehicle)? What is TOMA Yurdakul (a last name with the meaning of „Serving of nation“), is there such a thing?

In a memory of the day i met your mother…


In regard to the famous picture by Reuters.


Here is the original one.

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